GarLa Group

Together in Gardening and Landscaping

GarLa Gruppe is a group of gardening and landscaping companies in the German-speaking region with a supra-regional network, future-oriented services and an experienced team. Our goal is to plan, build, design and maintain landscapes and gardens in Europe together with existing and new partners

Strong Together

The advantages within our group of companies:

Our History

In 2019, GarLa Gruppe entered into its first partnership with Erni Gartenbau + Planung. Since 2021 Villiger Arnosti Gartenbau accompanies us as a second member. In 2022, we were pleased to welcome the Enz Group, Alois Bucher und Sohn, Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung and Roland Oberer Garten- und Landschaftsbau into our group.

About us

The GarLa Group currently employs over 900 people at 22 locations and offers its discerning customers high-quality gardening and landscaping services. In addition to its proven core competence in horticulture, gardening and landscape maintenance, the group also offers a wide range of services such as pool and swimming pond installations.

Today, the group has a leading regional market position in German-speaking Switzerland and southern Germany with an excellent reputation. The customer base includes private clients as well as corporate and public clients who place a high value on the reliability and experience of each member company of the group.

Our Strategy

In establishing GarLa Gruppe, we aim to provide the benefits within a group to complement the existing growth of each individual GarLa company. We are therefore continuously looking for additional GarLa companies that are interested in helping to shape the vision of our group, sharing knowledge with like-minded people and participating economically in the successful further development of GarLa Gruppe.

The GarLa

Erni Gartenbau + Planung

With around 50 employees and its headquarters in Bottighofen, Switzerland, Erni Gartenbau + Planung mainly supports private individuals in the construction, planning, design and maintenance of gardens, terraces and natural and organic pools.

Villiger Arnosti Gartenbau

With more than 20 employees and headquarters in Root, Switzerland, Villiger Arnosti Gartenbau focuses on providing advice on all aspects of garden planning, gardening and garden care. Particular emphasis is placed on design, landscape architecture and garden composition.

Enz Group

With nearly 150 employees at 4 locations in Central Switzerland and the headquarteres in Giswil, Enz Group is the full-service provider in the areas of gardening, natural stone and civil engineering for both the private and public sectors. In addition, Enz Group also offers special services such as monument preservation, client consulting and construction & project management.

Alois Bucher und Sohn

With almost 20 employees and headquarters in Hünenberg, Switzerland, Alois Bucher und Sohn AG offers a wide range of services from planning to implementation in the field of gardening and garden care. The family business has a strong regional orientation and is a leading provider in the Zug area.

Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung

With over 100 employees and headquarters in Tamm, Germany, Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung is a leading provider of gardening and landscaping services for private and public customers in Baden-Württemberg. The profound expertise of the employees and the modern fleet of vehicles and machinery of Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung, enables the planning and realization of projects of all sizes.

Roland Oberer

With around 45 employees and headquarters in Sulz am Neckar, Germany, Roland Oberer Garten- und Landschaftsbau offers comprehensive services in the field of new garden construction, garden redesign and garden care. As a leading regional provider, the company primarily serves commercial and public clients with a focus on new constructions such as outdoor facilities, schoolyards and playgrounds.


With around 75 employees and headquarters in Kleinostheim in the Rhine-Main region, Germany, Schleser offers comprehensive services in the field of landscaping. The range of services here extends from earthworks, creation of the entire outdoor facility to maintenance. The company’s main focus is on commercial and industrial construction, as well as on medium-sized and large public construction projects.


With its 20 employees and headquarters in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Lang Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH covers the complete range of services in gardening and landscaping. The family business with 125 years of experience has strong regional roots and can build on its good reputation in the industry.

G. Schumacher Betriebe

With 140 employees and headquarters in Niederkassel (Cologne-Bonn region), Germany, G. Schumacher Betriebe is a leading provider of maintenance and new construction projects for private and public clients in the Rhineland. The in-depth expertise of the employees and the large modern fleet of vehicles and machinery of G. Schumacher Betriebe enable the execution of large maintenance contracts as well as complex new construction projects.

Gartengestaltung Dieter Elbe

With around 40 employees and headquarters in the Taunus, Rhein-Main area, Germany, Gartengestaltung Dieter Elbe GmbH covers the entire range of services in private gardening and landscaping. The family business with 37 years of experience has strong regional roots and can build on its good reputation in the industry.

Gartenbau Stier

With its 40 employees, Stier offers comprehensive services in the field of gardening and landscaping (outdoor and residential facilities, corporate projects, sports fields) for commercial as well as public customers. The company can look back on a hundred years of successful history.

BAF Baustoffe Fildern operates a specialised building materials trade with concrete products, building and civil engineering articles, earth products and natural stones for the building trade as well as gardening and landscaping, and also rents out equipment and machines.


With over 130 employees, flor-design is one of the leading gardening and landscaping companies in South Baden. In addition to classic gardening and landscaping, we are specialists in green roofs and vertical wall plantings. From intensively greened inner courtyards to large-scale extensive greening and façade-bound or free-standing vertical gardens, we green roofs and façades throughout Germany.

KOLB Garten- und Landschaftsbau

With around 50 employees at its headquarter in Nürnberg, Kolb Garten-Landschaftsbau GmbH provides a powerful team of specialists in gardening and landscaping. The traditional company has been known in the metropolitan region for its training for over 70 years and implements the plans and ideas of clients and architects, mainly in the area of new commercial and public facilities.

Amar Garten- und

AMAR Garten- und Landschaftspflege AG, based in Rothenbrunnen, has been specializing in a wide range of gardening, landscaping and forestry services since 1978.

Whether in private gardens, on company premises or on public grounds – AMAR Garten- und Landschaftspflege is a reliable and competent partner for horticulture and garden maintenance.

Gartenbau Demont

Demont looks back on a history of 50 years and is based in Davos.

With 17 employees, the company builds and maintains sophisticated private gardens in particular.

Gartenbau Lang

Gartenbau Lang GmbH, which Christian Lang has now been running for more than 25 years, has 20 employees in the Offenburg region and offers in particular challenging new construction projects and redesigns in private gardens as well as in the contract business.

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